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121st Clarkston Glasgow Scout Group

Current Vacancies

Youth Section Support

Our young people are the beating heart of Scouting and these roles work directly with them. They are amazingly fun and so rewarding, plus look great to prospective employers. Hey, who knows, you might even be entitled to volunteering leave from your work. Have a nosey at the range of section roles available. We're a huge Scout Group, so surely there's a time in there to suit you...? Ok, I can squeeze some time in.

Deputy Group Scout Leader (DGSL) x 2

(Adult Support & Section Support)

Overall responsibility for running the Group falls to Gordon (the smiley chap on the main volunteering page), and it's his job to make sure it thrives and his volunteers are supported to do what they do best. As we're such a mahoosive Group, it's a rather big task for just one person. There's loads of stuff done in the background by volunteers that no one really sees, but is essential to be compliant and keep everything ticking over nicely, just like a good old fashioned clock. An ideal candidate for this role, which used to be called Assistant Group Scout Leader (AGSL in Scouty speak), might be a manager in their professional lives, have previous voluntary experience and most of all, be an all round good egg in being able to work with, and support, our volunteers to carry on the inspirational work they do. Sign up here - we're eggspecting you.

Group Communications Manager

This role would suit an IT superstar who eats websites, social media and all things digital for breakfast! We are looking for a marketing savvy someone who can maintain and enhance our website and social media presence and drive traffic to these destinations, whilst working with our sectional volunteers to provide regular eye-catchingly awesome content, as well as keeping us right on brand. Our website and Facebook page are our gateways to the outside world, so they need to be spot on. That would suIT me perfectly.

Group Skills Instructors

We already provide an incredible array of activities for our members, but naturally we're always on the lookout to expand these to enable us to offer more, more, more! The Scout Association has a thing called the Adventurous Activities Permit Scheme, and each of the activities below needs a specially qualified person with a permit to run them:

  • Archery
  • Caving
  • Climbing and abseiling, except
    • Bouldering and climbs using auto belay systems
  • Hill walking (in Terrain One and Two)
  • Off road cycling (in Terrain One and Two)
  • Hovercrafting
  • Snowsports (except artificial slopes and nursery slopes)
  • All water activities, except swimming, on class B1, B2, B3 or A waters
  • All motorised water activities and SCUBA activities on class C waters

If any of the above activities are your thing, this would be an amazing opportunity to use your skills in a different arena, do your hobby some more and teach it to the next generation at the same time. I want to be the next Bear Grylls.

Group Scout Active Support

This is one of the most flexible ways to offer your time to Scouting, with no real set remit for the Group Scout Active Support Unit. It's usually headed up by an Active Support Manager (GSASM, more Scouty jargon) and exists to essentially carry out a whole range of functions to help the Group operationally. Although the Group doesn't have a Unit set up yet, we'd really like to have one and get people recruited to promote flexible volunteering within the community and again, make use of people's specialist expertise and experience. I can be flexible.


Since money doesn't grow on trees*, fundraising is an essential part of keeping the Group going financially. We'd love someone on board who could keep their eye out for funding opportunities, write some grant applications and organise fundraising events, once we're allowed to do that of course. Maybe this is what you do professionally or have done it before with another organisation. You've found your new calling! We're counting on you. (*If you do know of any trees upon which money grows, give us a shout as well!)

Unsure, but intrigued

Phew, well you've managed to get to this point. Well done! You didn't think we'd let you away that easily did you? Of course not! We've got a magic piece of kit to help you decide which role might be right for you. Check it out here and be sure to let us know the results. If you're still not sure and just curious, please get in touch and let's have a blether.

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